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Since 1995, custom printed mouse pads, countermats, phone accessories, and lots of other ad specialty products, sold at wholesale prices !

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Please reference the page listed below for art setup instructions related to the product you have interest in ordering. Please contact A1 with questions, or if we may of assistance.

3D Lenticular

Cloth Top Mouse Pads, Countermats, Coasters

Frame It™, Slide Thru™, & See Thru™ Mouse Pads & Countermats

Gel & Memory Foam Filled Mouse Pads, Wrist Pillow, Wrist Rest

Gel Filled Squeeze Balls

Hard Top Mouse Pads, Countermats

Liquid Filled Mouse Pads

Mouse Paper Memo Mouse Pads

Phone Accessories

Ultra Thin Mouse Pad


PROOF: Depending on the product you order, and the amount of time you have allowed for delivery of your order, we supply you with either a digital proof, print sample, or printed product sample for approval at no extra cost. You pay for the portion of the order total which is designated for the cost of the sample, and this cost is non refundable. If you approve the sample, and confirm the bulk order, you pay the balance of the order total (order total less cost of print sample) and we make and ship the order. Jobs cannot be rejected for color unless a print sample has been ordered. Even then, the final job must vary dramatically from the proof for A1 to consider any rejection.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE: Always remember that submitted layouts are printed "as is." While we often check your file for compliance to our requirements, we will not be responsible for our failure to correct any portions of your design which are not compliant. When you submit your digital art, you are responsible for its content and construction. Be certain the work is color corrected, the images are adjusted to your satisfaction, all text is correctly spelled, and that your art is prepared according to our instructions. All photographic images and images including half-tones or screen tints will require us to make some adjustment in order to work well with the sublimation printing process. We strongly recommend supplying us with a color print of your design along with the art file so we can use it as a reference when producing the prints needed to image your merchandise.
HOW TO DELIVER YOUR ART FILE(S) TO A1: Over 90% of our clients choose to upload their design to our subsite on www.ibackup.com. Email us for instructions. Otherwise, send your art saved to CD-ROM or DVD. Make sure you test your CD to be certain the art will open correctly.
COPYRIGHTS: Customers warrant that all images supplied for reproduction, whether digital, conventional or otherwise, are unencumbered by copyright and other usage rights connected to the image(s) and agree to hold harmless and indemnify A1 Custom Mousepad Imaging Inc.® for all claims and expenses for any actions in law that may result from the use of these images.
SEPARATIONS, FILM, FILES, PLATES & DIES: All separations, digital files, plates, and dies created by A1 Custom Mousepad Imaging Inc.® remain our property. Our policy is to keep these materials on file for 24 months, except for sublimation film separations which we discard after use. Setups are customary for reorders, but may be discounted depending on product reordered. After 24 months, reorders are treated as new jobs and require new art and set-ups. Original art is always returned upon request.
PROFESSIONAL ART SERVICES: While we can assist you with type setting, and other basic graphic design services, we are not setup to supply professional creative design services. We are pleased, however, to refer you to various professionals we know who can assist you for a fee.

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